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The programs offered through XSOLV on leadership initiatives for new teachers are unique and trend setting integration of human behavior & skill orientation.

I observed this program on the fourth and the fifth day and the feedback I received from my trainers was incredible. The learning pattern offered is based on experiential learning which creates a greater impact on the learners mind set.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to stay competitive in the 21st century.

Robert McHugh
Vice President
Inovativ Wiz Learning, USA

The Program on Life Skills Education of XSOLV Training Solutions was enjoyable and energizing. I will be able to apply the concepts of knowledge, attitude & skill in my daily life and will also share this unique experience with my colleagues. I am sure that this is set to enhance my career and personal life. Special thanks to Halim for breathing new life into this wonderful experience.

Jasone Freematz, IBIZ Networks

I underwent a three day program on Life Skills Based Health Education on First Aid (life Saving Skills) CPR based on Life Skill Education offered by Academy XSOLV Initiative. I must say that this is a must for anybody who is living in the 21st Century. It was worth an investment and I feel that it is a must for students and teachers. The programs other prominent lesson & feature was highlighting the importance & relevance of health in our daily lives.

The content is both broad and in-depth. It covers all content & tools of First Aid CPR in a pragmatic and interesting way. Dr Manoj Johar has drawn from industry experts to present specific course modules. This approach helps the content "leap" from the provided class notes into real world application and value. Dr Manoj and his instructors are able to explain the most complex material in a way that everyone can understand. And for the more advanced student, they stretch your understanding and application in a non-deal world.

It is the combination of theory and real world practice that makes this course absolutely unique and unparallel. Their sincere interest in students learning the material and his ability to communicate complex theories makes for a course that will be with me for the rest of my career.

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

Both Life Skill Based Education and Skill Based Health Education are proven improvement programs which in many applications are used separately. I initially thought how this Integration of the two programs can be possible. I thought it to be difficult and confusing.

Academy XSOLV has developed a program to integrate the two to successfully gain the benefits of both programs through a combination of classroom training and experiential based learning using Life Skills. Their instructors are industry experts who go far beyond class room training by applying the tools and techniques to real-life situations which are easy to relate to. Benefits from this LSBHE program have paid many times over in improvements in cost, quality and reduced lead times in both manufacturing and transactional business applications.

The course not only expanded my skill set, but also further reinforced things I had learned in the past. I even discovered how to apply these tools in a more effective manner.

Bhavna Murgai
Staff Nurse
Panacea Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

What I am today is also because of what Halim Sir has given me. After undergoing his training program I got Self Confidence, Knowledge & relevant skills of employability and career management. Not only that even until now he has been in touch with me & my family for all possible guidance & help. The programs offered on career and employability skills are a must for every student if he wants to be where I am.

This training program not only expanded my knowledge & skills, but also informed me of what 21st century learning is all about.

Besides that this the training has also expanded my network of peers, enabled my confidence & broadened my professional vision. I am at present in very much contact with him and have recommended numerous others to undergo such counseling or training. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get an edge in the job market.

Jaten Batra

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