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Professional Development

"The success of universal primary education in developing countries over the last decade has translated into huge systemic pressure to expand both general and technical and vocational secondary education. Skills are increasingly seen as critical to educational development, labor market inclusion and economic growth making………………………………………UNESCO"

XSOLV Training Solutions is a premier teacher training arm of the company in India and partners with various corporate companies and NGOs for the execution of prominent teacher-training projects for training teachers. The AICE XSOLV Initiative is looking forward to providing skill development solutions to teachers and students in areas of Life Skills Based Health Education. Key focus will be to train the teachers and subsequently the students in programs like First Aid, Emergency, Life Saving Skills, Adolescence Education, Food & Nutrition etc.

We have worked with over 4000 teachers and with over 14000 students in providing them diverse educational solutions, strategies and information.

Some of our Professional Development Programs are:

TDP- Teacher Development Program

The TDP aims at empowering teachers by equipping them with a current and latest teaching techniques and methodologies. The objective of this program is to change the mind set of the educator by making him re-think, adopt and update themselves with the required content and pedagogy. The objective of this program is to help teachers effectively implement instructional strategies to help students learn better.

India Ahead..

The IndiaAhead is an AICE XSOLV Initiative that highlights the requirement & the importance of skill development and training in our Secondary Education System. AICE XSOLV Inititaive offers skill development and training programs focusing on the training model of Life Skills Based Health Education.

Using the Piggy-back model, education or the relevant subject is addressed within a program designed for another purpose (e.g. skills building)

Higher Education Solutions The 'X' Factor

The organizations study abroad consulting arm ISEN has strategic tie ups with leading private and state universities in the United States, Europe and Singapore. The IndiaAhead campaign of XSOLV is to provide training and higher study advantage on the lines of the story of development of countries in South East Asia. The fact that the youth from these countries flocked in masses to the western educational institutions for getting advanced education and international exposure is instrumental in their economic development. Not only that they were exposed to latest infrastructure and knowledge. But they got first hand knowledge of the application by working in these countries temporarily before deciding to return back.

ISEN over the last 10 years has successfully trained and guided over 14000 students to study abroad. The company has strategic partners located across India is states like Punjab, Haryana, UP, Kolkata and Andhra Pradesh.

The training programs inform the students about the following methodology related to studying abroad.

  • SOP
  • LOR
  • Application
  • Univs Guidance
  • Fin Aid Information
  • Visa Guidelines
  • Travel and Stay Information

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