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Educational Solutions

Schools are considered as the backbone of any country’s human resource foundation. XSOLV Training Solutions & it affiliates are working with some of the leading educational institutions for conducting various training and skill development programs related to Life Skills Education and Life Skills Based Health Education (LSBHE). The programs are interactive and customized specifically for teachers of the Secondary educations system. The objective of XSOLV Training Solutions is to provide top quality training Solutions to the teachers of both government and private schools without making any provisions of differentiation of service. One of the objectives of this exercise is to empower4 the teachers / educators of the government schools to be at par with any other educator from the private secondary school in the country.

The programs are customized for the Trainers (Teachers), Learners (Students) & Parents.


The importance of teacher training as been always been kept unoticed. The modern day student is much aware than the teacher. Therefore, it becomes very imperatve for the present day teacher to be upbeat in his methodology and approach to the situation.

The objective is to empower them through training the teachers program thereby abridging the gap of thought process betwen the student and the teacher.

According to UNESCO Standards Teacher quality encompassess a wide range of skills, competencies and motivation. As common sence suggest specific teacher training is required in order to expect quality and skilled services from a teacher. With these skills they will then be able to contribute positively, thereby imparting them with utmost confidence and responsibility.


  • To create awareness and impart knowledge of Skill Development in key areas of Life Skills, Communication, Leadership Programs, Health and Wellness Programs.
  • To help develop responsive and responsible attitudes.
  • To develop the required skill and competency
  • To bring in International Agencies to fund specialized education projects.


XSOLV offers training to students in Life Skill Education and Experiential Learning through their Quality Trained Trainers.

To provide a structured training environment that shall impart and enhance recognition, response and behaviour (skills) to situations by focusing on practical knowledge that is actively applied to procedures and processes. This approach shall adopt the use of “cascading expertise model” in the form of:

  • Instructor led training of the students of the school as part of the Train the Students Program.
  • These Tarined Students shall then form the core component of the First responders to address the issues relavent to the respecttive subject to their peers.


The idea is to reach to the community at large. Therefore, the parent empowerment program envisions to assist parents develop insights for being more effective parents. In our programs, parents are informed about the latest practices, and empowered with simple strategies and techniques related to effective parenting helping them understand children better.

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