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Sanitation & Hygiene

Program on Sanitation & Hygiene

The objectives of this program will be to provide critical information pertaining to school health and sanitation. The workshops would train the teachers on Food, Nutrition, Sanitation, Personal and Food Hyegine. The information is necessary in order to prevent epidemic outbreak, food nutrition to have a health and a balanced diet.

Improving sanitation, safe water supplies, and personal and food hygiene can greatly contribute to disease reduction, particularly those diseases and infections spread through human feaces. A crucial component of hygiene improvement programs is hygiene education. Using a skills-based approach to hygiene education, rather than providing information only, can enable students to:

  • Identify and avoid behaviors and environmental conditions that are likely to cause water- and sanitation-related diseases (e.g., problem solving, decision making).
  • Communicate messages about diseases and infection to families, peers and members of the community (e.g., communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills).
  • Encourage others (e.g., peers, siblings and family members) to change their unhealthy habits (e.g., critical thinking, communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills).


The objective of the workshop would be to impart training to the teachers so that they can address issues pertaining to sanitation, safe water, personal and food hyegine.


The teachers after undergoing this workshop will be able to teach their respective students who will be able to clearly distinguish between a healthy versus an unhealthy life style.


The workbook, AV’s and other details of the programs will be customized and developed on the lines of the prescribed syllabus of the CBSE.

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