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"Education is a journey without a destination….." Unknown.

Did you know?

That over 3000 books are published everyday …that the amount of technical information is expected to double every 72 hours this year. …that it is estimated that 1.5 exabytes of unique new information is expected to be generated this year…

That is 5000 times more than in the last 5000 years!

The 21st Century Student is :

  • Aware .
  • Informed.
  • Digitally adept.
  • Ambidextrous…multi tasker
  • Networked

India today has 550 million people below 30 years of age making it amongst the youngest countries in the World.

In order to keep pace with times to come, we must capitalize on our youth and equip them with skills so that we can give India unprecedented ADVANTAGE to a growing graying world.

Therefore, we need to capitalize on our youth and equip them with relevant skills … to provide ADVANTAGE !NDIA

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