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The objective of this motivation skills training workshop examines; What motivation is? How it is generated? And how it can be used effectively to promote human relations, productivity, and team building respectively.

This motivation skills learning event recognizes that all people have different needs and respond in different ways. Therefore the eternal questions confronting team managers are:

What factors keep people fully motivated and how can I turn round a poor performer?.

"motivation skills sits at the heart of performance improvement"


This motivation skills workshop is underpinned by the theories of eminent behavioral scientists (Freud, Maslow, Mc Gregor, Herzberg, Mayo, Taylor and Vroom) it is the participants (clients) own experiences in their organization that represents the key to unlocking situational difficulties. It is generally accepted that a motivated person will be positive in outlook and be a high achiever. The workshop would be conducted according to the very specifics and the nature of the organization.

So why do some and not others?

To understand people better the motivation skills workshop places particular emphasis upon what is motivation and the analysis of human behavior and how motivation skills influences human behavior. This is partially achieved by examining the work of eminent human behavior scientists. However to avoid the potential sterility of restricting thinking only to academic study this review will relate these theories to participants own experiences in their organization. Placing behavioral theory in this way into a practical context helps participant's subject understanding and its application into their daily lives.

The Effect Change

  • To understand people’s motivations at work.
  • To understand the relevant and proven theories of motivation and how they apply in the workplace.
  • To practice motivational techniques.
  • To understand how job satisfaction can influence motivation and what can be done to enhance it.
  • To provide an action plan.
  • To understand why people work.
  • To understand the theories behind motivation.
  • How to apply good motivational techniques.

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