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Please find below an outline of the draft methodology*(but not limited to) for our programs. There would be updated modifications within modules and also within workshop sessions. On a broad foundation the strategy would be on the following lines:

  • The sessions will be experiential based interactive learning with emphasis on practical situations & challenges at work.
  • The focus will be on the framework, the programs (sessions) will be aimed towards work related (practical) situations, conflict theory, crossword theory, games, realization of self discovered talents and group discussions.
  • The use of Video Films and Audio shall be used to enhance the effectiveness and competency of the program.
  • Detailed outline of the hour to hour time frame of the day program would be given to the participants.
  • Our program instructors would be likely to spend some time before the workshop commences at the client location to study and get a feel of the nature of the participants and the existing working atmosphere of the organization.
  • On exceptional occasions renowned eminent guest speaker's / motivators from various diverse management, administration and HR management backgrounds who would share some examples of typical experiences and situations they face or have faced in real time situations.
  • Participants of the work shop will be asked to fill out and submit their respective self evaluation forms in order to assess their output.
  • The evaluation forms would be sealed & submitted over to the head office of the respective organization.

General Inclusions & Execution

This is a general format and will be subject to change as per the needs and the nature of each workshop suited to the requirements of the concerned organization.

  • These being middle to senior level participant profile. The number of participants may vary from 20* to 30 depending on the type and nature of the program.
  • Duration will be subject to the type and specifics of the program
  • Suitable location/center in order to accommodate 50 participants to be provided by the organization.
  • Guidance and assistance from competent individuals or senior staff to ensure effective Training Need Analysis (TNA) would be conducted prior to commencing of the workshop. Time: 3 to 4 hours of discussions is the bare minimum requirement. This may exceed depending on the nature and complexity of the workshop.
  • A detailed customized workbook and materials with respect to the program will be handed over to the participants for reference.
  • Quality, time and program feedback with analysis will be submitted after each program.

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