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Leadership & Attitude @ work

The Program on Leadership & Attitude @ work

A unique program that combines LEADERSHIP and ENJOYMENT @ WORK. The programs methodology evolves around leadership and passion. It also looks at the evaluation of work ethics. The final objective of the program is to bring a change in individual attitudes through leadership initiatives thereby bring in an element of creativity and motivation. Increased use of audio visuals, leadership exercises, games and real time situation analysis make the real difference in the outcome of this program.

Exerpt on Leadership

Few things are more important to human activity other than Leadership. Effective leadership helps our instituition through times of peril. It makes the organization successful with the strong overpower of its Leaders initiatives and thus helping them to fullfill their mission and underlying objectives. The effective Leadership of Teachers enable their student with a clear visoin and sence of direction.

However, the absence of leadership in a teacher is equally dramatic in its effects. Without leadership they begin to move slowly and thereby often giving up to percived or underlying threats.

Leadership Summary

It is a process by which one person influences the thoughts, attitudes and behaviours of the others. They set direction by showing the vision and direction through motivating and inspiration.


The objective is to deliver Leadership Training Program to teachers thereby working towards both their attitude to work, creativity and adopting role and responsibility.

Program Contents

  • Defining the Leadership Roles.
  • Whale – Done Technique of Leading.
  • Communicating the Right Way.
  • The Art of Presenting One’s Ideas.
  • AV - Even Eagles Need a Push.
  • Leadership & The Power of Believe.
  • Leadership & Responsibility.
  • Leadership & Attitude.
  • Leadership & Results.
  • Role Play & Exercises.


  • Creating a visoin or strategy of what can be accomplished.
  • Communicating the Vision.
  • Motivating Action.
  • Making a positive image impact on the mind set of students.
  • Taking responsibility.
  • Accepting failures and turning them to success.
  • Accepting recognition for success.
  • Helping their students grow thereby attaching value to the instituition.

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