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AICE XSOLV Initiative

Background of Alliance

All around the world Life Skills-Based Education (LSBE) is being adopted as a means to empower young people in challenging situations. LSBE refers to an interactive process of teaching and learning which enables learners to acquire knowledge and to develop attitudes and skills which support the adoption of healthy behaviors, at variance with the practice of imparting only information. It is also a critical element in UNICEF's definition of quality education. In recent years, enthusiasm for education about health and social issues, ie "skills-based health education"; has been growing in communities around the world.

AICE XSOLV is a Joint Venture strategic partnership alliance between XTRAA SOLUTIONS and Academy for International Career and Education for providing training and skill development areas of Life Skills Based Health Education Programs (LSBHE).

Academy for International Career and Education (AiCE), specializes in Skill Enhancement & professional skill development programs in Health Care, specifically to bridge the gap that exists between current requirements and available skill sets.

The Academy is experienced in corporate governance, training practices and other skill development programs offered by the health care industry. This unique combination empowers the JV with a unique insight into this domain. We have inside perspective of the requirements, combined with a thorough understanding of management needs, and the experience and ability to provide training. This enables us to comprehend, identify, quantify, design and develop skill enhancement programs in Skill Based Health Education that are relevant, need based, practical, and management friendly.

On the other hand XTRAA SOLUTIONS offers comprehensive experiential life skill based solutions to reinforce positive human behavior across a wide spectrum of businesses, including schools and other educational institutions. These programs are specifically designed to impart Life Skills and Life skill Based Solutions. XTRAA SOLUTIONS and its collaborating partners have successfully delivered several of these professional skill development programs across the country.

Programs of the Initiative

  • Health @ Work      -     Focuses on Skills to reinforce health & well being for professionals
  • Save @ Work         -     Focuses on Skills to save people in emergencies and life saving
  • Safe @ Work         -     Focuses on Skills on personal safety for professionals at work

For more information on the above programs please call us at +91-98183-11186

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