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Food, Nutrition & Dietrics

Program on Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Healthy nutrition takes many forms and is understood differently in different countries and among different cultures. In general, healthy nutrition should be an integral part of daily life that contributes to the physiological, mental and social well-being of individuals. It is the combinedeffect of food, health and care. Nutritional well-being is determined by consuming safe food as part of an appropriate and balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients in relation to bodily requirements. The health and lifestyle of an individual influences the extent to which food contributes to good social, mental and physical well-being. Care is shown by providing time, attention and support in the household and the community to meet the food and health needs of the child and other family members. Furthermore, social ties are validated and maintained bythe exchange of food since offering food is associated with offering love, affection and friendship.


The primary goals of school health education are to help individuals adopt behaviours and to create conditions that are conducive to health. Thus, the clear and precise delineation of behaviours and conditions specifically relevant to healthy nutrition is essential for the development of effective school health education efforts.School health education is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills which are needed to make informed decisions, practice healthy behaviours and create conditions that are conducive to health.

The Knowledge provides a factual background on which to base decisions, such as knowledge about the relationship of eating and health and about planning for healthy nutrition using assessments and nutritional guidelines.

The Attitude provides a personal perception for decisions, such as feeling responsible for one's own health and the health of others.

The provide a practical basis for mastering tasks and procedures related to healthy eating, such as skills for selecting and preparing healthy meals and practising food safety.


The outcome of this teacher training workshop will be to

Teacher training should sensitise them to the concept of health promotion in schools. All teachers need to receive training and accurate information to effectively address health and nutrition in their content area. Education and training should inspire and equip teachers with knowledge and skills to make a curriculum exciting in order to encourage students to build healthy eating practices and to make nutritious food choices. In addition, training should help teachers assess and improve their own eating practices and make them aware of behavioural messages they give as role models.

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