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Corporate Solutions

Productivity @ Work

In today's rapidly changing marketplace, it is critical for employees to reach their highest potential to help companies remain more than just competitive The result of every person consistently operating at their absolute best creates a dynamic, thriving and sustainable business. Committed to providing immediate and long-term results, we understand and embrace the characteristics of today's corporate climate:

  • Both personal and professional lives of people are merging together now more than ever.
  • Business development and advancement is in direct proportion to the development of individuals' leadership skills.
  • The largest generational shift in leadership happening now.
  • The future workforce and leaders are more committed to having a life in balance, rather than focusing strictly on their jobs or careers.
  • Businesses need to get more done with fewer resources in order to compete in today's marketplace.
  • ‘Life Skills’ are demanded within a growing competitive global economy.

We are professionally equipped to serve your business to handle all of these characteristics of a modern corporate climate. We know that personal and professional lives are synergistic. And we know that the personal lives of individuals are reflected by their behavior and productivity in the workplace.

Benefits to Employer

  • Improve employee productivity, communication & attitude.
  • Attract and retain effective employees.
  • Decrease health-care costs, improve health & wellness safety.
  • Educate employees about the risks of substance abuse.
  • Save on recruitment and training costs.

Benefits to Employee

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors.
  • Set priorities for managing time and finances.
  • Find healthy ways to manage stressful situations.
  • Set goals to promote health and wellbeing.
  • Resist substance

Life Skills:

  • UNICEF defines life skills as a “behavior change or behavior development approach designed to address a balance of three areas: Knowledge, Attitude and Skills”.
  • The UNICEF definition is based on research evidence that suggests that shifts in risk behavior are unlikely if knowledge, attitudinal and skill based competencies are not addressed.

Life Skills @ work:

  • Improve Pro-social behavior.
  • Increase ability to plan ahead and effective problem solving.
  • Improve self awareness, social and emotional adjustment.
  • Increase ability to handle interpersonal problems and stress.
  • Improve conflict resolution with peers, impulse control and popularity.

Program Content, Including but not limited to:

  • Evidence of the program through experiential and activity based solutions.
  • Relevance of the Life Skills @ Work
  • Life Skills @ Work and their applications
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Program.

Program Methodology:

The program reaches out to each individual in the target audience. A variety of educational methods are used:

  • Presentation of the topic by traditional lecture.
  • Demonstration: the program instructor demonstrates, assists in its performance, and asks to explain the application.
  • Interaction: based on his/her expected background the program instructor establishes links and builds knowledge starting from a specific question.
  • Discovery: a problem-solving approach where the participant is asked to find the information needed to solve the problem, but without any previous lecture on the topic.
  • Experiment: the participant is stimulated to evaluate his/her personal experience in practical situations and learn from these.

Program Certification:

  • Certificate of Participation shall be provided at the end of the workshop

Our Programs:

  • Skills @ Work         focuses on skills striking a balance between self and work
  • Save @ Work          focuses on skills on emergencies and life saving
  • Safe @ Work           focuses on skills on personal safety
  • Health @ Work       focuses on skills on being healthy and productive
  • Lead @ Work         focuses on skills towards leadership & development

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